How does EstaEsMiBoda work?

Getting started at EstaEsMiBoda is easy:
1Fill-up a short from ( less than 3 minutes )
2Upload your pics, edit the web title. Choose a style.
3Now your web is ready. You can show it to guests, family and firends.

Ok. I am a dummy with Computers. Do I need to be a techie to use it?

Of course not. EstaEsMiBoda was designed by dummies for dummies.Once registered, you recieve a login (your email) and a password. Uploading is so intuitive you wont even notice you are using a computer.

Do I have to upload the photos one by one?

Not anymore. In EstaEsMiBoda users can do massive batch uploading. Just multiple select with the mouse the photos from your camera or pc folder.

Does everybody see my pics?

You choose! If you like privacy, you can choose your web to be acess-code protected. In this way, only people who know the code can see the photos and web content

How do guests visit my web?

At EstaEsMiBoda you'll own your own web address (url). You can add the web to your print cards or save-the-date notes.likewise
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